The unique system that authorizes the reception of SMS on Computer

Go much further than simply push SMS


We route your SMS

with our SMS servers


Text online from any device :

we provide you

phone number & SMS furniture

& SMS furniture

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Turn your mobile

into a SMS modem

with Ardary Solo App.

Text online from any device

with Your phone number

& Your mobile subscription



*Android only

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Easy to use ! Same design as an email box.

& yet

The most powerful SMS software

+ than 20 SMS free & pro tools !



Electronic signature


The fastest remote signature ever, because full mobile !

Do not wait anymore for your customer to open its emails, the document to sign arrive directly "in his hand".

electronic signature

Make people sign

The fastest electronic signature ever.

Secure your transactions

Document directly on the mobile of your correspondent.

Faster delivery and consultation than by email.


Request payments


Credit Card remote request Payment Module


Immediate bill recovery

Get your late invoices paid fast.

Detect quickly bad payers.

Receive advance payment

Booking made easy.

Coupled with schedulded reminder message.

credit card payment SMS

Visio support


Without any video app to install by your correspondent

remote visio support

Reduce your business travels

No more need to go to your customer,

do observations remotly.

Do remote diagnostics

One click on the SMS

& the camera of your interlocutor

starts transmitting you the images.



Messages history


Archive, sort & export your messages for a flawless traceability

You keep your emails, do it for your SMS

Export PDF

Export the SMS conversations with your correspondents in PDF format.

Sort them, send them by email, print them, ...

Messages classification

Create your categories & sort your exchanges with your correspondents.

Ideal support services as tickets.

Automatic transfers in your email box

Program the automatic transfer of the conversations in your email box at the desired frequency.


SMS boosters


Accelerate your communications & enrich your SMS

Sheduled Messages

Define sending date & time of your messages.

Easiest way to receive your clients meetings confirmations.

Send Images & PDF

Fastest way to deliver quotes, plannings.

From computer immediatly on correspondent mobile.

SMS Templates

Save your recurrent messages

and send than in two clicks




SMS Marketing like you never seen before.

Propspection, quality, messages broadcasting : get immediate & high rate results.

Easy contacts manager

Create your own fields and import your raw contact datas.

Easy lists creator

Create your lists in minutes : simple list wizzard & query builder for contacts selection.


Detailled stats of campaigns

Get the most detailled statistics in the market and ready to filter results for quick analysis.


Real time tracking


Best Interest Measuring System on the market


on Clicked Links

Fastest & best way to mesure interest


on Opened Attachments

Know in real time when your quote, bill, ... is opened


Text from everywhere


to any phone number displayed on Internet or on software

Chrome Extension

Text from your business software or any website on Google Chrome.


Connect any application with Zapier & do automation.

Outlook Plugin

Text from outlook.

Your Ardary SMS Box connected with your mailbox.

(coming soon)

I'm happy to have this app installed in this crisis we are facing !


O2 Saint-Malo et Dinan, France

Personal service company

Free yourself time

100 calls, it's 5 hours of work,

100 SMS, it's a few minutes.

1.000 SMS are more efficient than 100.000 emails

emails : 20% opened, whose 3% clicked

SMS : 95% opened, till 10% clicked

Get out of deconfinement quickly

Broadcast your messages et get immediate responses.

Kepp in touch with your customers quickly.

Make your appointments confirmed in 2 clicks

Select your pre-recorded message.

Select sending date & time.

Software adapted to every activity

Each need its tool ; exchange fluidity, marketing, fast signature, immediate payment, visio support, ...

SMS is the channel of instantaneity

We offer you the unique informatic system to access.


Contact sales :

For high volumes of SMS for Ardary SMS pro

or for digital tools (electronic signature, visio-support, payment requests),

please send us an email : contact (at)

Send us your needs & your contacts.

Languages supported : english, french